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Musings From Erin: The Origins of Middlemist

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When asked about where my love for flowers originated and how Middlemist came to be, I think back to my childhood. I was the little kid not playing soccer during PE, but making daisy chains on the field instead. I always loved flowers and wrote a book report about how I wanted to be a florist some day. As I grew older, I was lucky enough to be friends with people I consider to be talented at art. They used paper, pencil, paint – the usual media you consider when thinking about art. I tried to copy, but that’s just it – I was copying. For a long time, I put all creative pursuits on the shelf. I let logic (aka the need to eat and pay bills) take over and focused on a career in telecom. But the universe has a way of nudging you, and I was constantly wanting to escape from being “behind a computer” all day. 

When I was planning my wedding, I was determined to DIY as much of it as possible to keep costs low. I rediscovered flowers. I attempted to buy a floral shop in Denver but ended up not pursuing the opportunity. The dream went back on the shelf. A few years later, I left telecom for good to be a stay-at-home mom for my boy/girl twins. I wasn’t as cut out as I thought for being a homemaker. It’s a hard job, y’all! With my husband’s encouragement, I delved into flowers once more. I took an intensive floral design course in Denver, taught by Maggie Binet, AIFD (American Institute of Floral Designers). 

Right around the time I was contemplating moving Middlemist from a hobby to a business, my husband was also at a crossroads in his career. We decided to switch roles. He is now the primary caregiver for our kids, and I am pursuing flowers full-time as a local florist. I opened up the Middlemist studio in downtown Golden in July 2021. From the beginning, I knew sustainability and responsible stewardship would be cornerstones of the business. It seemed easier to launch with those intentions than to try and catch up later. After all, flowers are like food: they are an agricultural product, and they are subject to all the same pitfalls, like added dye, pesticides and lack of fair labor. The flower industry still has a ways to go, but as much as I can, I practice responsibility and work with eco-friendly flowers in my floral shop. And on occasion, as I watch my kids on the playing field, I find myself making daisy chains.To discuss daisy chains, floral centerpieces or other unique flower arrangements I can make for you, come knock on the studio door Tuesday–Friday from 1–4 p.m.. I’d love to meet you. If you’ve already browsed our site and know what you would like, I encourage pre-orders at