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Responsibility: Why We Love Sourcing Local Flowers

In a recent post, we noted that our hearts are happy because summer puts us in the middle of the U.S. flower growing season. This allows Erin to design unique floral arrangements from 100 percent domestically grown flowers. We love it even more when we’re able to use flowers sourced right here in Colorado. The proximity of those flowers to our Golden flower shop means we are better able to practice our commitment to sustainability. Responsibility is one of Middlemist’s core business values, so we champion eco-friendly flowers and sustainable floral practices as much as possible.

Thanks to partners like our friend Stefanie Hofmeister, owner and founder of Colorado Flower Collective, we are better able to do that because we can source locally. As Stefanie knows, there’s so much that happens before flowers end up in a bouquet or an arrangement.

“As soon as I started at a local flower farm, my whole outlook shifted,” she shares. “I had never really considered where all of those flowers were coming from, how they were grown, and what they may have been sprayed with. Seeing the process from start to finish–the amount of work and care that goes into the land, the plants, and ultimately the blooms–I simply fell in love with locally grown flowers. The quirks and unique beauty of these blooms put them on a whole different level than the mass produced, commercially grown flowers I was used to.”

She adds that because she had tended to them and knew their origins, she could promise the flowers were pesticide and chemical free. She wondered why more local flower shops weren’t using these flowers, so she decided to be the connector. Out of that ambition sprouted the Colorado Flower Collective, which helps bring locally grown flowers to local florists.

“Even before I started at Middlemist, I knew practicing responsibility is something I deeply cared about,” says Erin  “If I wanted to create a business, I wanted to create it well – doing the right thing whenever I could. Thankfully businesses like the Colorado Flower Collective help me and Middlemist do our small part!”
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