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Nomad Potter Taper Candle Holders


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As part of our launch, Middlemist, collaborated with Nomad Potters to add ceramic candle holders to your table. Paired with a floral arrangement or set out on their own, they are that extra detail that lets your guests know you have thought of everything.

Nomad Potters is local artist, Jen Skilling. Jen made these small batch, wheel thrown taper candle holders just for Middlemist. Jen is inspired by nature and finds fulfillment in making items that are useful and can be used daily.

Pair with our Local Only Bouquet for the ultimate Made in Colorado gift.

Each sold separately. Holds a 7/8” standard taper candle, though due to the hand made nature there could be a 1/8” gap in either direction, so candles could sit on top, or require a few drops of wax in the base to ensure the candle stays upright.

Great For: Romance, Upscale your dinner party or get together, Family Dinner.


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  • *Due to the hand made nature of this product no two candle holders and no two sets are exactly alike. Think of them as siblings instead of twins.

    **Middlemist will not be held responsible for the misuse or handling of candles.

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