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Taking the Wheel

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Many Middlemist fans and customers know that the business began as a hobby in Erin’s basement. She always envisioned it being more, but as she said recently, “Fear was driving the car, and I was the passenger.” It wasn’t until she attended Extraordinary Women Ignite, a conference hosted by women’s business coach Kami Guildner, that Erin took the wheel.

Something Kami said resonated with Erin and empowered her to start driving her local florist business. She realized she needed to work “on” Middlemist, not just “in” it. Those prepositions may seem insignificant, but the implications of them to an entrepreneur like Erin are monumental. Embracing the distinctions has helped Erin grow Middlemist and ultimately better serve her clients.

To work “in” business means to execute the work—source flowers, cut them, design them, deliver them. To work “on” business means to look at Middlemist from a higher level—to define what customers want, strategize how to connect flowers to clients, and ultimately grow in a way that aligns with Middlemist vision and values.

“For me, it’s the guiding principles for Middlemist,” explains Erin. When I started focusing strategically on my business,” explains Erin, “it provided the permission I was seeking to do one thing really well.” She adds that by focusing on and adopting a strategy, she was able to create boundaries. “Focusing on my business gave me permission to not be everything to everyone. Middlemist is not a one-size-fits-all florist, and that is okay.”

Out of that realization and acceptance sprang Middlemist’s Designer Choice arrangement, which showcases seasonal flowers and foliage. “There are few cookie-cutter options on our website,” Erin says.

“When a client orders a design from our Golden, Colorado-based shop, they are going to receive a unique floral arrangement because I am choosing what is freshest at that moment. I’ll keep in mind the color palette someone is selecting from our website and then create the same look and feel as their selection, based on color and product availability. I also consider environmental stewardship with every design.”

As Erin steers Middlemist, she frees herself to engage with her customers and dive into her creative floristry. So, what can she design for you? A summer bouquet? A one-of-a-kind floral arrangement? A floral centerpiece? Check out the options at Middlemist to order flowers online, then enjoy local flower delivery or pick up your order from the floral shop in downtown Golden.