Why Use Your Local Florist - Middlemist

Why Use Your Local Florist

by Erin Jackman

Hello Everyone, I am Erin, owner and designer at Middlemist. Middlemist is a boutique floral studio in Golden, Colorado focused on everyday luxury floral design. 

As your local florist I am a member of your community. I will care about you not just because you are my client, but because you are also my neighbor. I care a great deal about the products I sell. Generally I will sell flowers at a higher quality then what you might find at a big box grocery store or other large retailer. You can be assured that your flowers will be fresh and won’t arrive in a dormant state because your flowers will be personally delivered, and not shipped. 

When you buy from your local florist and support local business, the money you spend with me gets recycled back into our community because local companies tend to hire local people. Additionally, there is a good chance your local florist is also going to know and work with your local growers. When you support your local florist you are also supporting the flower farmers behind them. During the Colorado outdoor growing season (May-October), Middlemist uses local flowers as much as possible. 

Ultimately floristry is working with a natural product which readily lends to creating something unique. An independent florist is going to take pride in their work and their artistry. I hope you will love what I create for you.