Sustainability – Middlemist


The Journey

We’re on a journey to consistently apply sustainable floristry! Like anything else, it is progress not perfection, but we believe our small steps and your purchases can make an impact on our environment and the health of our employees and customers.

what's our solution to ensure sustainability?

Distinct & Unique

We seek out opportunities to collaborate with other local artisans and businesses. Like food, there is a seasonality to flowers. We look locally for Colorado grown and US grown flowers; however, we will also use imported flowers when necessary.

Packaging & Floral Foam

We do not use floral foam in our arrangements and actively seek out low impact mechanics. See below for a breakdown of our packaging by product.

Waste Management

As a Designer Choice floral studio, we buy what we need, nothing more. We practice a motto of reduce, reuse and recycle!

Our Employees

We at Middlemist want to be a known as a place where people sincerely want to work. We support a living wage.

bouquet packaging
  • recycle kraft paper
  • compost ple bags
  • compost eco fresh hydration
  • compost bind wire
  • reusable rubber bands
  • reusable ribbon
arrangement packaging
  • reusable vases
  • holly chapple pillows
  • compost bind wire
  • disposable floral tape
  • and much more!